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20670 Tracklist  📷: John Robyn Buenavista

20670 Tracklist

📷: John Robyn Buenavista

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Sabyu & Chief Javi are a Seattle-based music duo rooted from the island of Saipan. On a spiritual journey of creating music, Sabyu & Chief Javi spread love through every strum and every bar.

📷: Sendai Era

Sabyu & Chief Javi x Sendai Era - Collab




Saipan - Hawai’i - Seattle

Sabyu is a musician/producer & singer/songwriter from the island of Saipan. He started learning guitar at 14, and picked up other instruments along the way such as ukulele, bass guitar, drum kit, cajón, and piano.

Sabyu’s music is inspired by the Pacific Islands & Pacific Northwest. He hopes to spread love and positivity to everyone tuning in. He is currently based out of Seattle, WA.



photo by: Michael Young

photo by: Michael Young


Lava FLow

Artwork by Georgie Camacho

Artwork by Georgie Camacho

Instrumental Album

This album is in honor of the elements:

Water - Earth - Fire - Air

Now, more than ever, shall we call upon mother nature for guidance and follow a path where we can all thrive. Our relationship to the land and the water is essential to our well being.

Give Love to Get Love.

Huge thank you to all those who contributed to this album! Much Love from ya boi, Sabyu.

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Music Videos


Lava flow Sessions


Lava Flow Sessions #1 -Production

Lava Flow - my new album is on the way! Here's a glimpse into my production process. The song at the end is entitled "Our Land Cries", one of the upcoming singles off the album.


Lava Flow Sessions #2 - Collaborators

On the new album, Lava Flow, you'll be hearing three absolutely dope musicians featured on three different tracks:

Chris Mena - Latin Percussion on "Sol to Soul"

Sarah Nishikawa - Ipu Heke on "'a'ā Luku"

Mike Kohfeld - Tenor Sax on "Pulan"

Much thanks & much love to these incredible homies for blessing the album and breathing life into these songs.

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